Dire Hearts

Dire Hearts by Christy Lijewski

For Rose, a Caster who can barely work the most basic spells, it ought to be a blessing to be paired with Eigen, since he’s a top student and a rare young Knight who can actually use magic. But instead it feels like a curse. Uncomfortable in her own skin and frustrated by her struggles with what society expects of her, Rose’s prickly relationship with Eigen is complicated by the fact that he seems to know something about her missing memories. What happened in the clock tower three years ago that led to Rose’s injured arm? Who was the figure in the shadows that Rose can just barely recall? And why does Eigen keep looking at her like that?!

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Off*Beat by Jen Lee Quick

Christopher “Tory” Blake is a little too smart for his own good. His flights of fancy can whisk him away to odd places, but none so odd as those involving his mysterious new neighbor, Colin Stephens. Quiet and unassuming, it’s obvious that Colin is up to something–but what? And when it turns out Tory’s instincts may actually be on to something, he discovers he’s got just as much to figure out about himself as he does about his new “friend.” Is Colin just a curiosity or something more…?

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Windrose by Studio Kôsen

In the 17th Century, while the powers of Europe struggle for dominion over the oceans, Danielle flees her upper-class life to find her father, who entrusted her with a miniature astrolabe. On her way from Barcelona to Marseille, her life is threatened and she is befriended by a handsome pair of travelers…but Angeline and Leon are definitely not what they claim to be.

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Gatesmith by Jen Lee Quick

A million lives, from the smallest insect to the largest creature, all struggle for survival in a harsh but beautiful desert. Enter Morgan, a mysterious woman with an even more mysterious task to perform in this strange new world. From Jen Lee Quick, author of Off*Beat.

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Illustrated novels


Gauntlet by  Ellery Prime (eprime) and T2A (teaat2am)

Clio’s move to the sprawling city of her dreams lives up to her expectations…until she’s launched like a pinball into a frightening labyrinth where everyone seems to be playing a different game. This hidden inner city blurs the line between reality and illusion, concealing both dangers and rewards–and Clio’s forced journey is complicated by friendship, sexual awakening, and betrayal. Clio’s search for the secret inside the gauntlet’s heart will leave her questioning who she is and what she really wants.

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Tokyo Demons

Tokyo Demons by Lianne Sentar and rem

From the moment she was born, Ayase Watanabe could turn her body into a swarm of insects. Jo Oda grew up in Japan’s foster system, picking pockets as he was bounced from home to home. The two of them enter high school in Tokyo, hoping to hide their secret talents and live safe, isolated lives. But after a friendly classmate attaches to Ayase, and a quiet roommate grows on Jo, the four of them are pulled into a botched drug deal that sets off a chain reaction, dragging them all into an underground power struggle between some of the most dangerous–and supernatural–powers in the city. And Ayase’s strange ability becomes the weapon that changes everything.

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Dead Endings by Jessica Chavez and Irene Flores (beanclam)

In the city that never sleeps, spirits are equally restless and vie for the attentions of those who can sense them. Cailen Delaney, grad student and long-suffering ghost magnet, would rather spend her break getting reacquainted with her pillow, but is instead dragged into the aftermath of a strange series of murders by Everett Jung – a fellow sensitive with an…usual ability. Armed with nothing but coffee and alcohol-fueled cynicism, Cailen reluctantly joins him on a search that seems to end in death at every turn.

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Dusk in KaleviaDusk in Kalevia by Emily Compton  and Onorobo

Like most secret agents, Toivo Valonen is not what he seems. An angelic embodiment of hope living on earth in the guise of a human, he has acted throughout history as a source of wartime inspiration and comfort. In the year 1960, he embarks on an undercover mission in the Communist state of Kalevia, allied with a rebellion against the government–and pursued by rival agent Demyan Chernyshev, a dark angel in the employ of the KGB. But as Toivo’s mission is complicated by his explosive past with Demyan, the two of them discover that a young human couple may be the key to the Kalevian conflict. The otherworldly spies begin a dangerous game, only to end up in a conspiracy that could bring the entire country to its knees.

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Skyglass by Jenn Grunigen and Mookie

Moss is an anorexic, aromantic drummer who wallows in apathy and inadvertently wooed his boss in a bathtub. But when Phoenix – a fire elemental turned human pop star – lands on earth and decides to move into his apartment, his stale life gets torched. Phoenix is on a manhunt to find and kill her father, and she has no problem dragging everyone around her into the fire.

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Awake by Angela Sham, Barabara, Tory Woollcott & Rebecca Scoble

Several hundred years in the future, the United States is overcrowded, low on resources, and dealing with a bitter homeland war. In the midst of this, colonizing ships send tens of thousands of people to start a new life on earth-like planets in different solar systems; all passengers are cryogenically frozen for the duration of the 3,000-year voyage. The ships aren’t fully automated, however–they need human crews to keep the machinery running and to act as a fail-safe to wake the real crew if something goes wrong. For people who can’t afford the high cost of buying fare on the ship, they can pay their way as part of the crew: ten years on the crew equals passage for one person.

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Tokyo Demons

Tokyo Demons Audio by Lianne Sentar and Rebecca Scoble

The dramatized audio book of the light novel, Tokyo Demons Audio features a full voice cast of 30+ characters, original music, and a variety of sound effects with the spoken narrative. The audio book follows the novel almost exactly, although there are audio-original stories not featured in the prose.

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