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Anime News Network “House of 1000 Manga” Feature: Sparkler Monthly

“There’s nothing better than the thrill of discovering an artist who’s totally unique, and that’s the thrill of reading Alexis Cooke, whose artwork reminds me of Natsume Ono and Tove Jansson and Patalliro! but it’s really like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

Experiments in Manga review: Off*Beat (Vol 3)

“It’s this beautifully strong human element in Off*Beat that really makes the series work. With the final volume of Off*Beat, I find that I love the series more than ever.”

Sequential State review: Dinner Ditz 

“Cooke’s style is bright and expressive, and Dinner Ditz seems like the beginnings of what will likely be a strong professional career in comics.”

Experiments in Manga review: Tokyo Demons (Vol 2)

“Even considering all of the superhuman elements and psychic abilities involved in Tokyo Demons, what make the series so compelling and engaging are its believably flawed, exceptionally nuanced, and constantly evolving characters and the constantly shifting dynamics of their relationships.”

Manga Bookshelf review: The Ring of Saturn

“Kaiju’s visual storytelling is stunning—expressive and visceral, particularly towards the end of the comic, where the crux of Miriam’s emotional journey plays out over the course of eleven dialogue-free pages. This sequence, enhanced only by a few crucial sound-effects, is as beautifully envisioned as the best classic shoujo manga, and similarly well-executed.”

Experiments in Manga review: Before You Go

Before You Go is a wonderful and utterly charming comic. I particularly appreciate the realism of the story as well as the realism of the characters and their relationship and interactions with each other.

Manga Report: Checking out Sparkler Monthly 

Of the three short story series available, Ring of Saturn was the standout for me. I enjoyed the story about a struggling pianist. The historical setting and aspects of the art reminded me a bit of the manga Emma.

Experiments in Manga review: Gauntlet

“After finishing the novel, not only did I want more of Gauntlet, I also wanted to immediately read it again to see how all of its individual pieces fit together from the beginning. That, to me, is a sign of a great piece of fiction.”

Kuriousity – Showcase: Tokyo Demons

“I laughed, I sighed, I cringed and I gasped, and ultimately was really entertained by this story that still has a lot of big secrets left to share. My biggest issue with the story is now simply that I’m left waiting for new updates to come.”

Originiquequanimity Book Review: Gauntlet and Short Story: Jacks are Wild

“I like the meaning behind the story, and without spoiling you, it does make you think. I think I’ve only read one other book that challenged this way of thinking for me.”

Experiments in Manga review: Tokyo Demons

“It is clear that a tremendous amount of thought and care has been put into them and their stories. I was particularly impressed by how their talents and abilities, whether they are supernatural or not, are an integral part of what makes them who they are as people, affecting their behaviors, personalities, and relationships.”

Random Musings: Tokyo Demons

“Since reading the first volume, I’ve nearly become obsessed with Tokyo Demons in all of its incarnations. Seriously, I haven’t been this excited about a series in a very long time. So please excuse me while I gush about it for a bit.”

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