SparklerChromatic Press is the publishing head behind the multimedia digital magazine Sparkler Monthlywhich launched in the summer of 2013.

Update August 4, 2013: If you’re interested in pitching a series or short story to Sparkler Monthly, we’ve moved all info and open comments to the following page:

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Sparkler Monthly is a multimedia digital magazine of original English-language fiction. Most of the stories in the magazine fall into three major formats: comics/manga, illustrated prose (light novels), and audio dramas. Although our publishing model is strongly inspired by manga and light novel magazines in Japan, most of our stories are published in English first, by creators from all over the world. After a book or audio story is serialized in the magazine, it will be bundled with bonus material and sold as ebooks, limited paperbacks, and/or CDs in the Sparkler Shop (similar to the magazine –> tankoubon system in Japan).

The primary audience for Sparkler Monthly is girls and women aged 15-30, or anyone interested in the rough ballpark of Female Gaze. We welcome creators of any gender and are particularly interested in stories that tap into the variety and diversity of fandom. Sparkler hopes to be a platform for engrossing, entertaining stories that aren’t heard enough in mainstream media. Unless stated otherwise, the stories and Sparkler Monthly website are appropriate for ages 13+