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Announcing and audio drama: Awake

Posted on July 2nd, 2013 by Lianne Sentar | No Comments

The website for Sparkler Monthly magazine is up at! This includes the Sparkler Shop, where non-Kickstarter people can finally buy the Off*Beat Vol 1-2 reprints and select Off*Beat merchandise, including keychains and posters. (Please note that digital products are e-mailed instantly, but physical products will begin shipping next week.) The new site also reveals the final title that will be part of our launch line-up in Sparkler Monthly Issue #1: the audio drama Awake!

Hina Hwan

Several hundred years in the future, a war-torn United States sends 40,000 people to start a new colony on an earth-like planet in a different solar system. All passengers are cryogenically frozen for the duration of the 3,000-year voyage, except for a small crew to keep the machinery running. For people who can’t afford the high cost of buying fare on the ship, they can pay their way in work: ten years on the crew equals passage for one person. These individuals are taken out of cryogenic sleep once, left awake to work their years, and then are frozen again. People are woken in staggered shifts–a full crew is six “awake” people at one time.

Six hundred years into the voyage, Hina Hwan is woken to work her half of the 30 years needed to pay the fare of her fiancee and his young daughter. But she swiftly learns that the only thing worse than six people isolated in space…is six people and an unidentified corpse. Written by Tory Woollcott and Barabara, directed by Rebecca Scoble, and illustrated by Angela Sham, this psychological drama features the voice talents of Rielle Braid, Alex O’Shea, Jae Jae Lopez, Jesse Hodson, Adam Ford, and Annemieke Wade. In Sparkler Monthly Issue #1, the crew of the spaceship Persephone will face a terrible mystery in their sleeping world.

The Sparkler Monthly website will undergo a number of changes before Issue #1 at the end of July, but readers can find art and information (and a few previews) of  the six launch titles: Off*Beat, Tokyo Demons, Gauntlet, Dire Hearts, Tokyo Demons Audio, and AwakeCheck out the character pages, creator profiles, and bonus material of each series for extra fun.

For those of you submitting pitches to Sparkler Monthly, prose submissions are now closed, and audio drama script submissions are officially open for the month of July. Thank you for your great prose submissions and we look forward to your audio scripts! Please follow the PDF guidelines if you’d like to submit.

Submissions, animation, Kickstarter, oh my!

Posted on April 23rd, 2013 by Lianne Sentar | 5 Comments

We’re happy to say that we reached our primary goal on the Off*Beat reprint Kickstarter, and we’ve added stretch goals for the last ~10 days of the fundraiser. The response to this Kickstarter has been terrific, proving that our upcoming readership is already awesome. Pat yourselves on the back and then get your friends to pledge, to unlock free goodies for everyone! We really want to do that Off*Beat audio drama. Seriously.

We’ve released our first piece of animation from the talented Angela ( as a trailer for our series Tokyo Demons. View the trailer below, also featuring the work of Moonklutz, Alex O’Shea, and Rebecca Scoble of Tokyo Demons Audio:

Tokyo Demons, Book 1: You’re Never Alone received two new reviews this week: a strong recommendation from Ash of Experiments in Manga and a great feminist critique from Oyceter.

For you creators, we’ve officially announced details on our next round of submissions this summer – which will be completely open to the public. Real all about it here:

Chromatic Press will be running a publisher’s table at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) in a few weeks, and a table in Artist Alley for Otakon this August. For those of you attending, stop by to get some sneak peeks of Sparkler Monthly and geek out in general.

Zenkaikon, submissions update

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Tokyo Demons Blue Light

Lianne Sentar (head editor of prose) and Rebecca Scoble (head editor of audio) of Chromatic Press will be running a table for Tokyo Demons and its accompanying audio at Zenkaikon this weekend: Artist Alley, Table 54. (See Kuriousity‘s recent review of Tokyo Demons here.) Feel free to stop by for more information on Chromatic Press and Sparkler Monthly.

Chromatic Press will also be running a publisher’s table at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) in May.

For those of you submitting a pitch for the current round of submissions, please remember that the deadline is this Sunday, March 24th, at 11:59 PM (EST). For those of you who submitted in the last round, thank you again for your pitches, and we expect to have all responses out by the end of March. Thank you for your patience!

Submissions update: Audio drama OPEN submissions, limited prose submissions, CLOSED submissions for comics and illustrators

Posted on March 3rd, 2013 by Lianne Sentar | 12 Comments

Thank you to all creators who pitched in our first round of submissions! We’re very impressed with the quality we’re seeing. Ladies and gentlemen, you’re collectively awesome.

This is a status update, based on our preliminary review of all submissions:

Audio drama submissions have now been opened to the public. We’ll be accepting audio pitches until March 24th. This is the format that seemed to scare some people and we want to encourage more writers to give it a shot. The audio format is awesome. Did you ever hear about this? Or these? I’m sure some of you are familiar with this. IT’S AWESOME. GO FOR IT. Submission guidelines are a PDF file that can be downloaded here.

Prose submissions are still open to a select number of pre-screened applicants. If you’re interested in pitching a prose serial, please contact with a link to online examples of your work (a portfolio, blog, or fanfiction will suffice). If you pass the pre-screening, you’ll be contacted with more details on how to pitch.

Comic and illustrator submissions are now closed. We received a great variety of these and will be contacting artists with our responses in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your interest! And keep up the great work.