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Sparkler Monthly Kickstarts Knights-Errant: Volume 1 (by Jennifer Doyle)

Posted on April 22nd, 2016 by Lianne Sentar | 25 Comments

Knights-Errant Volume 1: Kickstarting now!

After a successful Kickstarter to fund Year 3 of Sparkler Monthly, Chromatic Press is now Kickstarting a deluxe paperback of Knights-Errant: Volume 1 by Jennifer Doyle. One of Sparkler’s newest and most popular additions to the magazine, Knights-Errant is a long-running political drama known for its dark humor and complicated LGBT themes. The series was originally self-published starting in 2011 and was folded into Sparkler Monthly digital magazine in 2015.

“Knights-Errant is a deeply personal project that has allowed me to explore themes of religion and gender that have always been important to me,” says Jennifer Doyle, creator of the series. “Working on it has helped me learn a lot of things about myself, and I’m excited for you to join my characters on their own rocky roads to self discovery…and/or destruction!”

The series is also a major focus of the new partnership between Chromatic Press and webcomic giant Hiveworks Comics.

The Kickstarter will run through May 3rd, 2016.

All Sparkler back issues are now FREE TO READ!

Posted on January 22nd, 2015 by Lianne Sentar | 3 Comments

Sparkler back issues are now free.As Chromatic Press strives to propel Sparkler Monthly magazine into a third year – a goal that requires 1,000 sign-ups to the Membership Drive by July 2015 – the floodgates have been opened. Now all 17 back issues of the magazine are free to read online! In addition, all back chapters of Off*Beat, dating as far back as TOKYOPOP’s first publication in 2005, are available for free online reading for the very first time!

Sparkler Monthly aims to be a new model for the webcomics world – creators are paid advances for their work, receive veteran editorial and promotional support, and are carefully selected to provide a robust Female Gaze package for eager readers. With back issues now free and cyclic open submissions for new content, Sparkler Monthly has opened an organized and supportive industry channel for independent, fem-positive fiction frequently limited to self-publishing online. Although open to any creator who can work in the Female Gaze, the vast majority of Sparkler’s creator line-up and staff identify as female and are building a new industry community where women are the default – not the exception.

But the model will only succeed with a membership base to support it, and the Membership Drive is entering its critical stage. Sparkler Monthly requires 1,000 sign-ups by July to stay open, and is still offering a number of incentives – early access to new content, downloads, and even access to the magazine’s complete Cherry Bomb line for older readers – to paying members who support the magazine. In addition, the website has undergone significant structural changes to be more user-friendly to readers, including a new mobile version of the site and increased encryption security so members may pay for their memberships directly on the website with a personal credit card.

The free back issues have made the magazine easier than ever to enjoy, so Chromatic Press invites you to sample the immersive comics, illustrated novels, and audio dramas created by a generation of fem-positive creators who know how to tell a great story. Just beware – the material is addictive! 🙂

Membership Drive for Sparkler Monthly: Year 2

Posted on August 14th, 2014 by Lianne Sentar | No Comments

Membership Drive for Sparkler Monthly: Year 2Hey, readers and listeners!

What a ride it’s been. As you probably saw from the Year 1 Sampler Issue – and newbies, you can download that for free right now to try us out – in our inaugural year, we started, continued, or completed twelve different series, not including our one-shots (both comics and prose), our many Member Exclusives, and the Cherry Bomb imprint. We ran several rounds of open submissions and partnered up with a bunch of other fantastic creators in the Sparkler Distro program. Our goal was never just to publish great stories – it was to inject more fem-positive fiction into the industry, to offer jobs (and advances) to talented creators both seasoned and brand-new, and to help foster a community of inclusive creativity.

But beyond those ideals, we wanted to make a place where everyone could have fun. Taking cues from shojo magazines in Japan with their seasonal delights, talent contests, and waves of new content wrapped up in a neat package, our digital format let us play with different mediums and interactivity while plucking talent from all over the globe. We get to scout creators from our favorite fanfiction communities and Tumblr, for crying out loud. And we’ve been taking the opportunity to embrace our fujoshi ways and listen to your requests and just…offer you a ton of weird, wild, wonderful stuff.

The good news is, all of this was designed around a single goal: if we sold memberships at $5/month, this entire magazine and the rest of the company could comfortably operate on 2,000 subscriptions. We only need 2,000 people on the planet to give us $5 a month to sustain this magazine and keep those jobs open, those books and CDs coming, the community thriving.

The bad news is: on our best month of Year 1, we barely broke 100 members.

If we can’t get at least 1,000 people to dedicate that $5/month to us by the end of Year 2 – July 2015 – there will be no Year 3. We know we can do it, but we need your help!

To sweeten the deal, we’ve restructured a few things:

Monthly Memberships


These are still at the price of $5/month, even though a 1-month alone is now $7. Get your constant, all-you-can read pass to all of our series and Exclusives, plus a download of the current issue. Buy now!

Year+ Memberships


These will now be $50 for 12 months (instead of $60), plus a free ebook from our shop (not including Sparkler Distro titles). If you’re already a Year+ Member from before now, you’re also getting that free ebook as thanks for supporting us in our first year. Buy now!

V.I.P. Memberships


For those of you who want convenient downloads of our current series and all archived Member Exclusives, and all our Cherry Bomb titles at no extra cost! (See all downloads here.) Series files will be updated every month with the new chapters, so you can just delete your old version and replace it with the bigger version to keep your e-reader neat. This membership costs $15 for the first month, and $10 for each additional month – or $125 up-front for the year. And since you’re paying the VIP rate instead of the standard rate, you’ll count as two people in our tally toward 2,000 members. Buy now!

And right now we’re running a Membership Drive (see below) with new bonuses and prizes for every goal we reach. So you’re not just keeping this magazine running – you’re also unlocking new goodies along the way.

*One-month “Trial” memberships (now $7) are a great way to explore our magazine, but are not included into the totals and promotions below – because although we’re grateful for any sale, it’s the committed memberships that will keep this magazine afloat. But every Monthly and Year+ members will count in the tally below, and VIP Members will count twice!

Buy your Sparkler Membership today!

Membership Levels

Level Initial Subscription Pricing Counts in Drive Total
Monthly Member $5.00 $5.00/month +1 Select
VIP Member $15.00 $10.00/month +2 Select
Year+ Member $50.00 N/A +1 (comes w/free ebook) Select
1-Month Trial $7.00 N/A 0 Select
View your current membership account

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Year 2 Membership Drive

Current active members count:


Jan 19, 2015

Buy your Monthly, Year+, or VIP Membership to add to that total!


Congratulations to caporushes, the winner of our first Prize Pack raffle!

200 Members

200 Members – When we reach this milestone, all members (except caporushes) will have their names thrown into a raffle, and VIP members will have their names thrown in twice. Five lucky winners will be sent a Sparkler Prize package in the mail: which includes a selection of our paperbacks, zines, merch, sparkly things, and candy. Because you should be eating candy while digging through that. See sample pic below!

(The pocket sketchbook in the bottom right is a new Sparkler product; winner may receive a different design.)

300 Members

300 Members – The incredible rem is going to design a sexy Tokyo Demons bishonen dakimakura (NSFW link) for ages 16 and up. Yes, we’re doing a sexy body pillow case, because fujoshi. You’ll also get to vote which dude from Tokyo Demons is going on there and what outfit he’ll be falling out of, within good taste. Maybe that police cosplay from the jewelry store heist in Book 2.

500 Members

500 Members – Off*Beat comes back…with an all-new short story in audio drama format. YOU HEARD ME. Jen Lee Quick will be working with our audio department to write the story and help cast the actors. YOU WANT THIS.

1000 Members

1000 Members – For Year 2, the magazine has 5 chapter slots for each issue, and most of them are already filled up with our current series, shorts, and other upcoming works we have from the last submission rounds. We’re opening submissions again soon, but it will be very limited, since so few jobs are left. But if we hit 1,000 members, we’re opening up a 6th slot in the magazine so we can run more content. That means more stories and more jobs. We really want to do this, because we’ve seen such incredible work submitted and we want to publish more of you.

1,500 Members

1,500 Members – We go from 6 slots to 7 slots. Every issue of Sparkler will run 7 chapters. More jobs, more series, more shorts. More excellence.

2,000 Members

2,000 Members – We’ve been quietly working on Sparkler video games for over a year. (Mostly visual novels with a romantic bent, like the stuff from Date Nighto.) But until the magazine is self-sustaining, we can’t dedicate the time to making those games happen, even though we already have an extended staff waiting in the wings. If we hit 2,000 Members, the magazine can keep running…and the Sparkler Video Game department opens up to fulfill your fujoshi gamer needs. Don’t forget that lijakaca is on our staff. She’s an expert on these things.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

We’ll be updating this page weekly with the tally of our active members. Please be one of them and help us reach these goals.

We’re extremely proud of our creators and support staff – their hard work has resulted in a great magazine and a ton of great books and audio dramas over the last year. Now we need you to keep this going and to make Sparkler even more awesome.

Get your Sparkler Membership and join the drive here!

Announcing New Sparkler Distro Service For Self-Published Creators

Posted on March 3rd, 2014 by Lissa | 1 Comment

Announcing New Sparkler Distro Service For Self-Published Creators

Continuing to bring quality, original content to their global audience, Chromatic Press is proud to announce the launch of Sparkler Distro. This new commission or pay service offers a variety of options to self-publishing creators, including acting as shipping distributor for self-published books and merchandise from its US-based online store.

Sparkler Distro launched with E.K. Weaver’s The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal, a popular web comic that had a wildly successful Kickstarter in 2011. Since then, print volumes of TJ and Amal have continued to be strong sellers both online and at conventions, with volume three soon to be completed. As a part of Sparkler Distro, volumes one and two of TJ and Amal are now available to purchase on along with a number of prints, posters, and buttons featuring the main characters.

“There are so many independent creators out there making fantastic work – people we think our audience would really love, and vice versa. We also know how hard it is to both create content and manage it as a business. We think lending our publishing infrastructure to creators we love is a way to benefit everyone,” says Rebecca Scoble, head of audio development and the company’s retail coordinator. “We’re very selective in the process, so our readers will know that Sparkler Distro books will always be quality, even if they’re not coming from us. Starting with TJ and Amal was the best-case scenario, since we’ve been huge fans of that comic for ages.”

Along with providing a sales platform, Sparkler Distro optional services include advertising, graphic design, storage for merchandise, Kickstarter management, editorial support, and help setting up distribution with companies such as Comixology and Sparkler Distro is available now with more information at

Announcing Dead Endings and Dusk in Kalevia: two new light novels for Sparkler Monthly!

Posted on December 23rd, 2013 by Lianne Sentar | 1 Comment

Chromatic Press is pleased to announce two new light novels (illustrated prose) for serialization in Sparkler Monthly magazine: Dead Endings by Jessica Chavez and Irene Flores, and Dusk in Kalevia by Emily Compton and Onorobo! Dead Endings debuted in the December issue of the magazine (#005) and Dusk in Kalevia will debut in January (#006). These series are the first taste of our exciting 2014 lineup for Sparkler.


Dead Endings
(light novel/illustrated prose)
Jessica Chavez and Irene Flores

In the city that never sleeps, spirits are equally restless and vie for the attentions of those who can sense them. Cailen Delaney, grad student and long-suffering ghost magnet, would rather spend her break getting reacquainted with her pillow, but is instead dragged into the aftermath of a strange series of murders by Everett Jung – a fellow sensitive with an…usual ability. Armed with nothing but coffee and alcohol-fueled cynicism, Cailen reluctantly joins him on a search that seems to end in death at every turn.

Join author Jessica Chavez (formerly of XSEED Games) and Irene Flores (Mark of the Succubus, Shojo Fashion Manga Art School) through the streets of modern New York in this darkly comedic mystery about the connection between life and death…and how sometimes, literally, the separation is razor-thin. This series got its start as a novel for NaNoWriMo, for you creators out there. 🙂 Chapter 1 of Dead Endings available now and free to read in Issue #005 of Sparkler Monthly. Discussion has been opened for this series in the Sparkler public forums here.


Dusk in Kalevia
(light novel/illustrated prose)
Emily Compton and Onorobo (rest of Tumblr NSFW)

Like most secret agents, Toivo Valonen is not what he seems. An angelic embodiment of hope living on earth in the guise of a human, he has acted throughout history as a source of wartime inspiration and comfort. In the year 1960, he embarks on an undercover mission in the Communist state of Kalevia, allied with a rebellion against the government–and pursued by rival agent Demyan Chernyshev, a dark angel in the employ of the KGB. But as Toivo’s mission is complicated by his explosive past with Demyan, the two of them discover that a young human couple may be the key to the Kalevian conflict. The otherworldly spies begin a dangerous game, only to end up in a conspiracy that could bring the entire country to its knees.

Written by new author Emily Compton and illustrated by webcomic artist Onorobo (Something to Talk About), Sparkler Monthly is proud to present this alternate history series beginning in Issue #006, January 2014. Dusk in Kalevia is a Cold War epic of espionage, legends, and star-crossed lovers. Discussion has been opened for this series in the Sparkler public forums here.

If you haven’t seen the November redesign of–or the various one-shot projects that have been running in the magazine–you can visit there now and catch up on what you’ve missed. And if you’re looking through our many new products in the shop, we have a special promotion where coupon code sparkler2013 at check-out gets you 10% off your order (subscriptions not included) until the end of the year.

Happy holidays from Chromatic Press! Thank you for a wonderful 2013, and we hope you’re as excited as we are for the coming new year.