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Catalog now available: Chromatic Press and select Sparkler Distro titles!

Posted on November 20th, 2014 by Lianne Sentar | 1 Comment


View the Winter 2014-2015 Retail Catalog

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As of November 2014, Chromatic Press has launched a quarterly retail catalog to distribute the books we publish, plus books and comics by a selection of great independent creators through our Sparkler Distro program.

You can view the catalog online using the link above, and send an email to retail(at) (or fill out our contact form below) with the name of your store/library/club so we can send you an easy-to-fill-out order form with your appropriate discount. We offer a standard retail discount to brick-and-mortar or online retail stores, as well as discounts to libraries, schools, anime or book clubs, and other educational organizations.

Announcing New Sparkler Distro Service For Self-Published Creators

Posted on March 3rd, 2014 by Lissa | 1 Comment

Announcing New Sparkler Distro Service For Self-Published Creators

Continuing to bring quality, original content to their global audience, Chromatic Press is proud to announce the launch of Sparkler Distro. This new commission or pay service offers a variety of options to self-publishing creators, including acting as shipping distributor for self-published books and merchandise from its US-based online store.

Sparkler Distro launched with E.K. Weaver’s The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal, a popular web comic that had a wildly successful Kickstarter in 2011. Since then, print volumes of TJ and Amal have continued to be strong sellers both online and at conventions, with volume three soon to be completed. As a part of Sparkler Distro, volumes one and two of TJ and Amal are now available to purchase on along with a number of prints, posters, and buttons featuring the main characters.

“There are so many independent creators out there making fantastic work – people we think our audience would really love, and vice versa. We also know how hard it is to both create content and manage it as a business. We think lending our publishing infrastructure to creators we love is a way to benefit everyone,” says Rebecca Scoble, head of audio development and the company’s retail coordinator. “We’re very selective in the process, so our readers will know that Sparkler Distro books will always be quality, even if they’re not coming from us. Starting with TJ and Amal was the best-case scenario, since we’ve been huge fans of that comic for ages.”

Along with providing a sales platform, Sparkler Distro optional services include advertising, graphic design, storage for merchandise, Kickstarter management, editorial support, and help setting up distribution with companies such as Comixology and Sparkler Distro is available now with more information at