Chromatic Press is a new, independent publisher of original comics, prose, and audio dramas in English for women and men across the globe. Based on a digital version of the “manga magazine” format used to publish comics in Japan, Chromatic titles will be serialized in the online, multimedia magazine Sparkler Monthly.

To read our series online, please see the main Sparkler Monthly site. If you’re interested in buying Chromatic Press or select Sparkler Distro books for your retail store, library, or club, please see our Retail page.

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Lillian Diaz-Przybyl Lillian Diaz-Przybyl (head comics editor) served as Senior Editor in TOKYOPOP, Inc. from 2004 to 2011, where she worked with both original creators
 to develop new manga and freelance translators/editors to localize Japanese manga. She has also developed original and English-language versions of comics for HarperCollins, Viz Media, and Crunchyroll, among others. She currently works as a freelance editor, script supervisor, and general assistant for various comic and film projects in Los Angeles and Hollywood.

Lianne SentarLianne Sentar (managing editor, head prose editor) has been a freelance writer and editor for Japanese manga and novels for TOKYOPOP, Inc., Digital Manga Publishing, Inc., and Seven Seas Entertainment, Inc. from 1999 to present. She also served as head writer and editor of the anime/manga review collective Sleep is for the Weak from 2002 to 2011. Currently, she shares her time as an editor and Kickstarter specialist for Hiveworks Comics.

Rebecca ScobleRebecca Scoble (head audio editor, head of retail), a classically trained musician and composer, has been a freelance editor for Japanese manga 
and novels for TOKYOPOP, Inc., Digital Manga Publishing, Inc. and Seven Seas Entertainment, Inc. from 2006 to present. A former contributor to Sleep is for the Weak, she is also a freelance editor of original comics and a former library consultant for one of the top comic retailers in North America.

Jill AstleyJill Astley (CFO, assistant editor) has volunteered in the manga/anime/game industry since the 1990s. She is one of the top voices in the English-speaking otome game fandom and has presented at the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference on the topic. She has a decade of experience working in corporate finance and management for one of the largest banks in Canada.

Lissa PattilloLissa Pattillo (head web admin, lead designer), a member of the Valkyries collective, has a background in press with her site Kuriousity and articles for Anime News Network, Otaku USA, and The Coast, but she also works extensively as a freelance designer in both web and print. Currently a full-time editor for manga publisher Seven Seas Entertainment, she’s designed or optimized chromaticpress.com, sparklermonthly.com, and many of the company’s logos and covers.

Joseph StillwellJoseph Stillwell (head of marketing) is CEO of the webcomic publishers Hiveworks Comics and Slipshine, and extends his marketing expertise to other publishers including Pixie Trix Comics. An expert on building readerships and infrastructure in the digital comics market, he has an unmatched track record in the construction of a sustainable webcomics economy.

Leah WaigLeah Waig (head of production: ebooks, audio assistant, social media) began working with Sparkler Monthly as an audio intern before her promotion to regular staff. She currently freelances as a multimedia editor specializing in ebook formatting for both prose and comics, and can be contacted by other publishers and self-publishers about her freelance services here.

Leila Baker: Web Administration (site)

Eliza Prescott: Newsletter

Cat Lee: Chromatic Press logo design, Tokyo Demons card game, design and UI consultant

Carolynn Calabrese: Assistant editorial and marketing (Portfolio)
Ben Spigel: Consultant
Lucky Squid Studios (site): Merchandise
Jordan Acosta (Portfolio): Original web designer and site administration for Sparkler Monthly

(Top four profile images commissioned from Shelby Cragg)