All Sparkler back issues are now FREE TO READ!

Posted on January 22nd, 2015

Sparkler back issues are now free.As Chromatic Press strives to propel Sparkler Monthly magazine into a third year – a goal that requires 1,000 sign-ups to the Membership Drive by July 2015 – the floodgates have been opened. Now all 17 back issues of the magazine are free to read online! In addition, all back chapters of Off*Beat, dating as far back as TOKYOPOP’s first publication in 2005, are available for free online reading for the very first time!

Sparkler Monthly aims to be a new model for the webcomics world – creators are paid advances for their work, receive veteran editorial and promotional support, and are carefully selected to provide a robust Female Gaze package for eager readers. With back issues now free and cyclic open submissions for new content, Sparkler Monthly has opened an organized and supportive industry channel for independent, fem-positive fiction frequently limited to self-publishing online. Although open to any creator who can work in the Female Gaze, the vast majority of Sparkler’s creator line-up and staff identify as female and are building a new industry community where women are the default – not the exception.

But the model will only succeed with a membership base to support it, and the Membership Drive is entering its critical stage. Sparkler Monthly requires 1,000 sign-ups by July to stay open, and is still offering a number of incentives – early access to new content, downloads, and even access to the magazine’s complete Cherry Bomb line for older readers – to paying members who support the magazine. In addition, the website has undergone significant structural changes to be more user-friendly to readers, including a new mobile version of the site and increased encryption security so members may pay for their memberships directly on the website with a personal credit card.

The free back issues have made the magazine easier than ever to enjoy, so Chromatic Press invites you to sample the immersive comics, illustrated novels, and audio dramas created by a generation of fem-positive creators who know how to tell a great story. Just beware – the material is addictive! 🙂

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