Chromatic Press Launches Kickstarter to Bring Gauntlet to Print

Posted on June 1st, 2014

Chromatic Press Launches Kickstarter to Bring Gauntlet to Print

Big news: we’re running a Kickstarter for Gauntlet!

The last chapter of Ellery Prime and T2A’s survival horror/romance Gauntlet will be released this coming Friday, and in order to fund a paperback version, we’re running a Kickstarter through the month of June. We can’t go to print unless we meet this goal, so I hope you check it out!

A survival horror romance for adults and older teens, Gauntlet is the first illustrated novel to begin and end in the digital pages of Sparkler Monthly magazine. Help us lift this great story from the computer screen and into the pages of a paperback! And while we’re at it, we’ll expand Gauntlet with some brand-new items…including a replica of the bracelet our hero Clio uses in the labyrinth. If a Female Gaze magazine isn’t going to publish fiction with a jewelry tie-in for adults, then who will? Who will do that for the world?!

Read all of Gauntlet online for free, only for the length of this Kickstarter! And if you agree that keeping it a digital exclusive would be a shame, please consider pledging to help us reach our goal of putting Gauntlet to the printed page.

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