Sparkler Issue #001 launched, Christy Lijewski at Otakon!

Posted on August 7th, 2013


Thank you for a successful launch, everyone! Issue #001 of our magazine Sparkler Monthly went up a week ago, releasing the long-awaited continuation of Jen Lee Quick’s Off*Beat: Chapter 13. (Which seems to be living up to expectations. :D) We also released the newest chapter of Tokyo Demons (Book 2, Chapter 5) and the first chapters of three new series: the comic Dire Hearts, the light novel Gauntletand the audio drama Awake. As a special bonus for Issue #001, those chapters will remain free to read/listen to forever, so check them out!

For those of you reporting bugs since launch, thank you for your feedback, which is helping us iron out wrinkles very quickly. And thank you for your patience while we fixed the payment problems for those first few memberships! For those of you who downloaded the new chapters–we promise to further optimize our ebooks so they look as good as possible on as many devices as possible. Right now the best bet is the PDFs, which work well on computers and many tablets, especially if you use the official Adobe Reader app. You can thank faithful reader Denise Schroeder for that little tip. 😀

As we’ve mentioned before, we’ll be running a table at Otakon this weekend. Stop by to check out our paperbacks, buy memberships with cash, or pick through the merch we’ll have for every single Sparkler series. We’ll be at Booth R11 in Artist Alley, near some of our beloved Sparkler artists who will be running their own tables! And as a special treat, we’ll be hosting:

Dire Hearts event with creator Christy Lijewski! She’ll be at our table Friday 2-4 pm to sign Dire Hearts posters and answer your burning questions!

She may or may not also be equipped to battle Titans. 😀

See you there!

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