Submissions, animation, Kickstarter, oh my!

Posted on April 23rd, 2013

We’re happy to say that we reached our primary goal on the Off*Beat reprint Kickstarter, and we’ve added stretch goals for the last ~10 days of the fundraiser. The response to this Kickstarter has been terrific, proving that our upcoming readership is already awesome. Pat yourselves on the back and then get your friends to pledge, to unlock free goodies for everyone! We really want to do that Off*Beat audio drama. Seriously.

We’ve released our first piece of animation from the talented Angela ( as a trailer for our series Tokyo Demons. View the trailer below, also featuring the work of Moonklutz, Alex O’Shea, and Rebecca Scoble of Tokyo Demons Audio:

Tokyo Demons, Book 1: You’re Never Alone received two new reviews this week: a strong recommendation from Ash of Experiments in Manga and a great feminist critique from Oyceter.

For you creators, we’ve officially announced details on our next round of submissions this summer – which will be completely open to the public. Real all about it here:

Chromatic Press will be running a publisher’s table at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) in a few weeks, and a table in Artist Alley for Otakon this August. For those of you attending, stop by to get some sneak peeks of Sparkler Monthly and geek out in general.

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  1. Celie says:

    My work sucks, but I’ll practice hard, dreaming of the day I can work with you guys! :’)

  2. Aw. But everyone starts somewhere, Celie. We look forward to reading your submission someday. 🙂

  3. sgl says:

    Hm. Not sure where to post this question about the June window for prose submissions… I’m not sure if what I’m prepping will be ready. Do you think you will reopen at any time later this year?

    • Not sure yet, since it will depend on the submissions we get in June. If we pick up enough prose serials to fill the magazine for a year, we won’t be opening up submissions again for at least six months, for example. Anyone can e-mail me privately at if they’re desperate for an extension, though, and we’ll talk. (Just please not 5 minutes before midnight on June 30th. :D)

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